Children with disabilities education status in Nepal

What is the government doing for children with disabilities education in Nepal?

Government’s action towards inclusive education is very less. Department of education-Nepal has inclusive education program since 2000. This program collects central data regarding disability education (enrolled 72,000 in 2016 out of 179,000 school age disabled children). Each district education office has an assessment desk to promote disability education, keep detail data of disabled students and do updates every year. The district assessment desk staff recruits by political influence and the staff follows politics rather than office and rarely develops any data log.  We hardly find any data from this desk. Government of Nepal also provides scholarship for disabled children in limited numbers. That often vanish in-between admin to school and rarely reach the students.

The government has provided resource classes for disabled children in mainstream schools in small numbers 380, out of 35,000 schools. Mostly these resource classes are for blind, deaf and those who have learning disabilities (intellectual disability). Most schools are not aware of the resource classes,what it really means and its importance.Resource classes give extra support for those children who do not copewith regular classes, despite teacher’s effort and supplementary support. In Nepal, resource classes are not really resourceful and are managed by untrained teachers.  The mainstream schools are not disabled friendly in the sense of infrastructure like Gate, water tap, library, toilet, admin block etc. Attitude wise, teachers andpeer student do not know how to behave toward disabled children. Often they use poor and nasty words, bullying and teachers do not want to put extra effort. In the teaching procedureteachers are not sensitive to responsive student sitting arrangements. Because all of these causes children with disabilities compel to out of school.

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